Canton Residents for a Sustainable Equitable Future (CR4SEF) is a non profit, 100% volunteer organization. As a 501(c)(4) organization incorporated under the Secretary of State, CR4SEF has the ability to endorse candidates for political office whose positions and record advance our goals of environmental justice, halting the use, exploration and extraction of fossil fuels and advance the transition to 100% clean energy and fully decarbonizing the energy sector by 2035. 


Consequently, the CR4SEF Executive Board met and agreed that we would endorse the Biden-Harris ticket based on their plan to Secure Environmental Justice and Equitable Economic Opportunity in a Clean Energy Future.  

CR4SEF cares deeply about advancing a rapid transition to a decarbonized, 100% clean energy economy. As we address the effects of our actions causing global warming and its direct results of climate change and escalating destruction of the systems that support life, it is necessary to simultaneously face and repair the interrelated disparate impacts on communities based on wealth/low income, nationality and race locally, nationally and globally.


We will also be endorsing selected candidates for House and Senate on the state and federal level.   

Join us in working to help get these champions elected. To get involved with text banking, phone banking, sign holding, postcard writing, or other activities, text MA to 30330 or follow Joe Biden for Massachusetts on Facebook.

The Biden-Harris Plan

The Biden-Harris climate and environmental justice plan advances CR4SEF’s central mission to halt global warming, the climate crisis and the disparate impacts of these destructive patterns, policies and practices driven by profit over people. 

The Biden-Harris Energy Plan will make a historic investment in our clean energy future and environmental justice. This would be paid for by rolling back the Trump tax incentives that enrich corporations at the expense of American jobs and the environment.

An example of how relevant this is for us locally, 12 miles from Canton, our Fore River neighbors in Weymouth, Quincy and Braintree; residential environmental justice neighborhoods, already overburdened by industrial pollution, have fought heroically for the past 5 years against the imposition of the dangerous and damaging Weymouth Compressor station. Enbridge, the largest energy corporation in North America, is fracking gas (which is methane, a fast acting greenhouse gas, causing global warming) from the PA Marcellus Shale and transporting it via high pressure gas pipeline infrastructures up the eastern seaboard through the Weymouth Compressor to sell at port in Canada on the international market. 

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