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Canton Residents for a Sustainable, Equitable Future

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Zoom Meeting

Meeting Minutes

In virtual attendance:  

Liza Colburn, Lisa Lopez, Joan Nordgren, Kathleen O’Connell, Amy Peterson, Tammy Rose, Jen Wexler, Ann Whaley-Tobin


Welcome! And Go Round

  • Each person shared about their life under COVID-19 and their goal for this meeting

  • Everyone is healthy, but understandable worries are present

  • Everyone is working at home with varying degrees of being busy with work or projects

  • Some concerns regarding the compressor station in the midst of the pandemic, the federal government undermining the sovereignty by announcing “disestablishment” of Mashpee Tribe and land trust land, climate change on ‘back burner’, and use of plastic bags instead of reusable bags because of COVID-19


Updates and Announcements

  • Jen Wexler received responses regarding climate/energy questions from all 4 candidates who are running for the two open seats on the Board of Selectmen (Select Board, once it is passed at Town Meeting) and the responses were published in the Canton Citizen and are posted on the CR4SEF website.

  • Kathleen O’Connell reported on Earth Day from the Blue Hills Collective:  the planned activities have been postponed and virtual tours (bike, farm) are being considered.  Looking at a fall date of September 26th (National Public Land Day) for other activities like climbing the Blue Hills, etc.  Also, the tree planting will still take place because they are already ordered, but it hasn’t been decided whether they will get picked up from the Wakefield Estate or dropped off at individual locations.  There is a video on how to plant the trees.

  • Jen Wexler explained that  Weymouth Compressor Station has broken ground and the state government has not shut down construction during COVID-19.  There is a call by FRRACS for letters to be written to FERC in support of halting construction. There is a linc on our FaceBook page for this.  

  • Jen Wexler reminded all that there are 3 dates ( April 2nd at 11am, April 15th at 2pm, April 30th at 7pm) for a Webinar from Community Choice Aggregation/Green Municipal Aggregation (CCA/GMA) and to register by going to

Treasurer’s Report

  • Tammy Rose reported that we took possession of the Grassroots Funding Grant in 2020, so we are in good shape and there is flexibility in terms of the funding use, since we may not be able to do GreenFest.

Next Steps

  • Join one of the Webinars from CCA/GMA

  • Sign the petition to support opposition to the action of the federal government undermining sovereignty by announcing “disestablishment” of the Mashpee Tribe and land trust (info on our FB page)

  • Jen Wexler, Liza Colburn, Ann Whaley-Tobin will meet virtually to write letters (FERC) asking for the shutdown of the Weymouth Compressor Station

  • Post information on our site about asking for an absentee ballot in advance after the Selectmen meeting (March 31st) announces the new date for the Town election (It has now been announced that the new date is June 16th.)

  • Partner with and support Laura Smead and engage High School students to educate Canton residents about Green Municipal Aggregation 

  • Liza Colburn will brainstorm with others for some ideas on FaceBook postings for Earth Day (maybe a photo of ‘what you love about our Earth?’)

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