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Canton Residents for a Sustainable, Equitable Future

Sunday, Feb 9, 2020

4-5:30 PM

89 Randolph Terrace


Meeting Minutes


Welcome and Introductions

  • Jen Wexler attending the meeting w. DEP and live-streamed on Friday re: the fight against the Weymouth Compressor Station. Jen is beginning to Tweet more and made the connection (@JenWexShayndle)

  • Kathleen O’Connell just attended Brookwood Community Farm’s annual meeting and let the group know about the environmental advantages of Sunflower Oil.

  • Other recent engagements shared by the group


Document CR4SEF Accomplishments 2019

  • The group reviewed the thorough recap completed by Tammy and provided a few additions


Organizational Board Member Review

  • Jen Wexler will stay on as President and Liza Colburn will remain Vice President

  • Christine Smith is stepping down from Clerk

  • Trish Boyden stepped down from Board of Directors

  • Tammy will remain Treasurer with the distinction that she would not be responsible for fundraising

  • Jen recognized Christine Smith for all of her accomplishments as Clerk, including spearheading the Article 27 bylaw language and presenting to town Boards and at Town Meeting - in addition 

  • Ann Whately Tobin will step up as Clerk


Plastic Bag Reduction

  • Determined that business visits conducted by our members to date are sufficient for communications given that the BOH had sent letters to town merchants with the Bylaw dates and details (twice, given corrected date)

  • Should the BOH reach out that there are additional questions coming from residents or businesses, CR4SEF’s Liza Colburn and Christine Smith will supply a simple FAQ 

  • Liza will drop off the Citizen information brochures at the Library and Town Hall

  • Working to ensure that materials are posted on Town Website and


Letter to Board of Selectman Candidates

  • Jen Wexler emailed three of the now four BOS candidates asking for their position about climate change-related initiatives 

  • Received responses from from three, trying to get contact info for newest/forth candidate


Treasurer’s Report

  • Fundraising is at $5,578, including the recent Grassroots Funding grant that exceeds 

  • Determined to pay GreenFest speaker Alice Arena of FRACCS a donation $400  

  • Sponsoring Local Environmental Action Conference, March 7, 2020,  Northeastern University; we have two tickets available for members to register & attend. Contact if you would like a ticket

  • Tammy Rose recommended an annual member donation of $20 (several members paid the dues for 2020)

  • Tammy shared that the Grassroots grant funds must be used by January 2021



  • Voted to have an annual membership fee 

  • Fee will run Jan 1 - Dec 31 and be $5 for students (optional) and $20 for others.

  • Tammy Rose will track it and Liza Colburn will add a field to the WIX contact database


Mission Discussion

  • Determined to remain candidate-agnostic in local, state and national elections and focus on legislation at local and state levels


Canton Sustainability Committee Update

  • Christine Smith updated that the Committee is

  • On Monday March 9th at Canton Public Library, 7-8 pm Adam Jamkauskas of City Composting will do a presentation about curbside composting (pick up, etc).

  • Town Planner is exploring Community Choice Aggregation; on April 15th The Committee is having Carol Oldham of MCAN return to help educate residents about


Earth Day Planning - April 22nd is a Wednesday

  • Kathleen O’Connell provided an update about 

  • 50 Years of Earth Day and doing something together -- support Erin O’Connor’s Town-wide Earthday Cleanup #keepcantonclean

  • Blue Hills Climate Coalition 50th Earthday Event in Blue Hills area (possibly Houghton’s farm) Kids will be holding signs. Group is looking for slogans and calls to action challenges as they walk the summit Road on Earth Day.

  • 3rd Climate Strike is scheduled for April 24th


Key Initiatives for 2020

  • Determined that we will discuss, prioritize and select a few key initiatives, at the next meeting


Next Meeting

  • Location: Jen Wexler is lining up use of either the Unitarian Church space for Sunday afternoons ($50 fee for rental of the space), or more likely, monthly Wednesday evening at the Canton Public Library

  • Date for March meeting will be determined via email (29th possible)


Reminding everyone that the Town Election is April 7th and Town Meeting is in May. Be to vote and then attend Town Meeting.

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