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Canton Residents for a Sustainable, Equitable Future (CR4SEF)

Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 7:30 - 8:45 PM

Virtual Meeting using Zoom or phone


Meeting Minutes

In virtual attendance:  

Liza Colburn, Erin Connor, Timothy Conway, Lisa Lopez, Joan Nordgren, Kathleen O’Connell, Amy Peterson, Tammy Rose, Sarojini Schutt, Jen Wexler, Ann Whaley-Tobin


Opening, Welcome! And Go Round

All (new and former) introduced themselves, shared what brings each one  to this group, interests, hopes or goals and what neighborhood of Canton they live in.  Recurring themes included:  this is a grass-roots organization, committed to decarbonization locally, statewide and nationally along with the rapid transition from fossil fuel to a sustainable equitable  energy and just economy, diversity, inclusion, a healthy livable  environment for all people and communities.  The interrelated issue of climate destruction, the current and foundational economic disparities and racial targeting, violence and destruction. We treasure our environment and human life. 


Break out room Pairings

We met 3-4 people per group in our Zoom Room and shared what has been difficult for us and/or families and what has given hope under the current interrelated  crises (COVID pandemic, racial violence, systemic disparities, climate and environmental destruction).


Updates Progress Announcements

  • Saturday CR4SEF on STAND IN Solidarity #BlackLives Matter:  those who attended shared.  Everyone was encouraged and pleased with the number of people in attendance (400+.)  One person noted how the crowd reflected  the ‘true’ demographics of Canton.  The poem by Eveyln Carrinton (now published in the Canton Citizen) was a deeply meaningful and powerful communication. It is good that this moment was documented by Canton Cable [add vimeo link ] and with the photographs/pictures. Blue Hills Climate Coalition:  Kathleen O’Connor reported that trees are available for pick up this week and next at the Mary Wakefield Estate on Brush Hill Road in Milton.  The link is posted on our FB Page +CantonResidents.  There are 500 available trees in about 5 varieties for pick up and planting

  • Clean Canton:  Erin Connor reported that everything was on hold because of the COVID pandemic.  Instead of an actual clean-up, she posted on FaceBook a slideshow with children from the elementary schools holding up signs to ‘keep Canton clean’.

  • Halt state ban on plastics:  Since Governor Baker has halted the ban on plastic bags and is mandating that plastic utensils be used in restaurants, action needs to be taken to reverse this unscientific trend..  Liza Colburn noted that other states did not change from banning plastic because of COVID.  She also presented a flyer from Upstream Solutions that documents that there is no science behind banning reusable utensils during this pandemic.   This needs to be communicated to the Governor.  Liza will email us with action items and language that we can send to the Governor’s office.

  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA):  Jen Wexler reported that she and Liza spoke with Laura Smead, the AICP Town Planner.  This option of bundling our energy to create green, clean energy for Canton can increase sustainable local jobs, offer access to green energy reducing our carbon emissions at potentially lower costs.  Lisa Lopez commented that this would not go to Town Meeting until next year, so there will be a year to educate all on CCA.  She said to uncomplicate what CCA is, she used an analogy that could be easily understood-purchasing energy would be like buying from COSTCO.

  • Juneteenth Event:  This event will likely take place on June 30th in Canton and involves the Emancipation Proclamation and a celebration of African American communities and cultures. .  Evelyn Carrington and Haley Donovan need help with logistics, etc.  Timothy Conway, Amy Petersen and Sarojini Schutt would like to work on his event. 

  • Attorney General, Maura Healey, sided against National Grids 14-year gas contract for additional capacity from Algonquin. This was a great win for MA.

  • Weymouth Compressor FRRACS:  The First Court of Appeals vacated the air quality permit issued by Mass DEP.  Congressman Lynch’s letter to the Federal Energy Commission directing the FERC to halt construction. The gas turbine, which was initially deemed inappropriate must be replaced with an electric version. .  This is great news, but the fight is not over. We need to work to support FRRACS to prevent the compressor from being completed and going live.  We oppose the fracking of gas. We oppose the use of this powerful greenhouse high pressure gas infrastructure  through Weymouth headed for  sale on the international market. 

  • Mashpee Wampanoag Sovereignty:  The Federal Government/ Department of Interior, broke the law in attempting to take the Mashpee Wampanoag land out of trust Mashpee land by saying they were not a sovereign nation.  This court denied this illegal and reprehensible action.   Although the ruling is a victory, further steps are required.


Next Steps - forming subcommittees

Juneteenth day event - Thomas, Sorojini, Amy

Community Choice Aggregation - Lisa, Kathleen

Weymouth - Joan

Legislative Action - Liza, Ann (plastics)

Diversity - Lisa, Thomas Sorojini, Amy

Electing Climate and Environmental Justice, Equity candidates -


Additional information


  • CR4SEF is a member of the Mass Power Forward Coalition  advancing climate and environmental justice, a rapid decarbonization and equitable policy through legislative and other strategic efforts.


  • The interconnection between sustainability and equity*, Black Lives Matter, Land sovereignty. The brutal destruction of the planet; climate, environment and systems that support life is inextricably related to the violent destruction and targeting of human life and communities of people of color and low income communities.


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